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Technical Data Sheets

Download the latest version of our  EmbryoCellect Technical Data Sheet v3.4

Download the latest version of the  DOPlify Technical Data Sheet 1.4

Download the new    DOPlify Targeted Sequence Enrichment Technical Data Sheet 1.5

Download the new    PG-Seq WGA & Library Preparation Technical Data Sheet 1.0

Instructional Videos



Lysis (TDS Step 5.1)


Whole Genome Amplification (TDS Step 5.2)


 Preparation of Reference gDNA (TDS Step 5.1)


Cell Lysis (TDS Step 5.2)


Whole Genome Amplification (TDS Step 5.3)


Labelling PCR (TDS Step 6.1)


Precipitation of sample and reference DNA (TDS step 7.1)

Preparing the Hybridisation (TDS Step 7.2 )


Post-hybridisation washing tween (TDS Step 7.3)

RHS Mapix Scanning and Analysis 

Download the latest version of our RHS Mapix Scanning and Analysis v1.0 September 2015
Download the latest version of our Array2B (*.gal) file October 2015

RHS Genepix Scanning and Analysis

Download the latest version of our RHS Genepix Scanning and Analysis v1.0 October 2015
Download the latest version of our Genepix (*.gal) files v1.0 October 2015

RHS Analysis Macro

Download the latest version of our Analysis Macro v6.4


RHS Safety Data Sheets

DOPlify™ Kit SDS

DOPlify™ Reagents SDS








EmbryoCellect™ Kit SDS

EmbryoCellect™ Reagents SDS









Recommended equipment and consumables list

Download the latest version of our EmbryoCellect Recommended equipment and consumables list v1.3

Download the new DOPlify Recommended equipment and consumables list v1.0

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