Product training

PGS and PGD with DOPlify™

Web-based training in our latest product DOPlify is now available at a time convenient to you.  

DOPlify™, the only advanced DOP-PCR kit on the market, has been optimised specifically for single cell WGA and offers an advanced method with high accuracy.  The kit is suited to any low template sample, including cell free DNA and small numbers of cells. Using the latest generation reagents that have been developed for highly sensitive Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), DOPlify™ excels at being easy to use and versatile.

Dr Jasper will provide you with an overview of PGS and PGD using DOPlify™ and NGS, a summary of available WGA kits, competitive advantages of DOPlify™, NGS laboratory set-up and the latest data from RHS.  There will also be opportunity for Q&A during the session.

Training sessions will be held in three seperate timezones, as listed below.


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