DOPlify® provides cell ploidy status of single cells and simultaneously cell mitochondrial DNA load using a range of different NGS platforms and workflows.

DOPlify® captures PerkinElmer Health Sciences (Australia)’s exclusive know-how for the lysis and whole genome amplification of single or small numbers of cells providing a solution for multiplying the limited DNA in a single cell for a range of downstream applications.

Technical Information

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Why DOPlify?

DOPlify® is a whole genome amplification kit designed to PCR amplify the genome from single cells and limited DNA templates.

DOPlify® is unique in that it uses advanced DOP-PCR, which;

  • uses the high processivity and fidelity of new generation polymerases that are NGS application grade
  • uses ready-mixes to minimise the pipetting steps and requiring only two sample tube openings to reduce the risk of contamination and
  • provides an amplification system that is flexible enough to concurrently whole genome amplify a sample whilst specifically amplifying genes of clinical interest, reducing the risk of allele drop-out. 

The DOPlify® kit contents

Each DOPlify® kit contains reagents for amplifying 50 samples:

  • Cell lysis buffer and enzyme for lysing the sample cells
  • Whole genome amplification (WGA) reagents

The DOPlify® workflow

Protocol Step Explanation
Cell lysis

A gentle but effective enzyme-based lysis procedure ensures robust cell lysis and a readily accessible DNA template for whole genome amplification - 15 mins

Whole genome amplification

Whole genome amplification is performed using PerkinElmer Health Sciences’ advanced DOP-PCR, which has been optimised for limited DNA input. DOP-PCR uses degenerate primers to initiate DNA amplification, binding across a broad range of different sequences scattered genome wide -2 ½ hours

Agarose gel assessment

Following amplification, the use of agarose gel electrophoresis is recommended to ensure that cell amplification has been successful - 30 mins

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