RHS Teams Up with Monash IVF for Novel IVF Screening Technique (Bioshares)

Jul 04, 2017 -

Bioshares - 30 June 2017,  Edition 702

RHS (formerly Reproductive Health Science)(RHS: $0.155) has teamed up with one of the majors in Australia in the IVF market, Monash IVF Group, to develop a new way to conduct pre-implantation genetic (PGS) screening.

PGS is conducted by taking a biopsy on an embryo and conducting a genetic analysis of that embryo prior to implantation. However, one of the natural concerns is that a biopsy may damage the embryo, even though that risk is low.

Monash IVF, through its research centre in Adelaide, Repromed, has been developing a process that uses free DNA from culture media used in the IVF process.

Using the RHS DOPlify technology to copy the DNA cells, the two companies have validated the process that free DNA matches up from DNA taken from biopsied embryos.

Repromed is now conducting a clinical trial to assess pregnancy rates between noninvasive PGS and PGS using biopsied embryos. Patient recruitment has been completed with results expected later this year. A positive outcome will be an improvement in pregnancy

RHS recently completed a capital raising, obtaining $1.5 million at $0.14 per share. The funds raised will be used to expand market and business development work around its DOPlify and this non-invasive PGS technology.

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