RHS Releases Validation Data for NGS Product PG-Seq™

Oct 17, 2017 - latest news


  • RHS completes extensive validation of its Next Generation Sequencing product PG-Seq™
  • PG-Seq™ enters clinical validation at external sites ahead of full commercial product launch

Adelaide, 17 October 2017: RHS Limited (ASX: RHS) (“RHS” or “the Company”) is pleased to release the performance data for PG-Seq™, its complete Next Generation Sequencing solution for Pre-implantation Genetic Testing, at the Fertility Society of Australia meeting currently being held in Adelaide, South Australia.

Incorporating RHS’ DOPlify™ whole genome amplification technology, NGS library preparation reagents and software, PG-Seq™ provides accurate and robust chromosome copy number detection. The application of the product is for the detection of aneuploidy, which is an incorrect number of chromosomes, in IVF embryos prior to transfer. 

Based on almost 400 samples with known chromosome content, PG-Seq™ demonstrates whole chromosome aneuploidy detection accuracy of 98.4% for 5 cell samples and 95.8% for single cells.  RHS has also tested smaller genetic changes and will soon be releasing this data.

RHS’ validation of PG-Seq™ for Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is by far the most extensive dataset released for any equivalent product.  The release of RHS’ cell line validation data coincides with the commencement of clinical validation at 2 selected independent clinical sites, each of which will generate comparative data from rebiopsied embryos that have previously been tested with VeriSeq.


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