RHS Moves into Early Cancer Detection (Bioshares)

Jun 06, 2017 -

Bioshares - 12 May 2017,  Edition 695

The quest to improve treatment and survival outcomes in oncology has progressed with the introduction of antibody therapies over the last 10 years and breakthroughs with immunotherapy over the last five years.

Significant advances have been made in computing power, coupled to increasing sophistication in biomarker identification and detection, has meant that the next key goal in cancer detection is the ability to offer early detection through liquid biopsy, an approach which can deliver the next step change in cancer treatment outcomes.

A liquid biopsy is an analysis of fluid samples (e.g. from blood or urine) for DNA markers,
as opposed to tissue samples, for evidence of disease.

For the earliest cancer detection through blood samples to be possible, sensitivities in
detection levels need to be improved upon, as does ongoing cancer biomarker development.

Reproductive Health Science’s (RHS) (RHS: $0.16) core technology allows genetic analysis on just a single cell, through its whole genome amplification methods. The first application of the technology has been in pre-implantation genetic screening, ensuring embryos intended for IVF procedures have the correct number of chromosomes.

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